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Factory Encore/Contender rifle forend conversions to the hanger bar system

What advantages does the hanger bar system offer?

There are 3 basic improvements the hanger bar system has over the factory style forend system.

1)   Free floats the barrel away from the forend and frame thereby reducing pressure issues caused by direct contact of the forend and barrel.

2)   Eliminates most of the barrel pressure problems associated with tightening the forend directly to the barrel.  Each time the forend is removed and reinstalled the pressure transferred to the barrel by the forend and attaching screws varies which can cause initial point of impact changes and poor groups as the barrel heats up.  With the hanger bar system the forend attaches directly to the hanger bar and not to the barrel.  Since the barrel is floated with the hanger bar there is little if any pressure transfer to the barrel from tightening the forend attaching screws.

3)   The hanger bar system offers a much more solid and secure hookup between barrel and forend.  10-32 button head cap screws (hex head) are used to attach the forend to the hanger bar rather than the smaller 8-40 slot head screws used by the factory.

When doing a forend conversion it is critical that I have the correct dimensions of your barrel. Different barrel contours require different dimensioned hanger bars to make the forend sit flat on the barrel.  I will need to know the barrel length, who manufactured the barrel, the contour (sporter, varmint, full bull, etc.), and the exact muzzle diameter on tapered barrels.  I have fitting barrels here for all Thompson Center, Fox Ridge and Bergarabarrel contours and if it fits my fitting barrel there normally isn’t any problem with it correctly fitting your barrel.  If you prefer to send your barrel in for installation and fitting please feel free to do so.  I can then make 100% certain everything fits correctly and that the barrel is floating before I send it back.   If you barrel is a “custom” contour of some sort I will definitely need the barrel in hand.

Hanger bar conversions are available for factory Encore and Contender rifle barrel forends and just about any other custom made forend can be converted so long as it is thick enough and long enough to accommodate the hanger bar.  Most handgun barrel forends are too short and thin to allow the hanger bar to be installed.  You must use a rifle or custom made forend even on pistol barrels for the hanger bar system to be utilized.  The hanger bar system is not applicable to Muzzle loader or shotgun barrels and is not compatible with Pachmyr forends.

One converted forend will function on any barrel equipped with the proper hanger bar for that barrel contour and as long as the contour of the barrel will fit in it.  You don’t necessarily need a forend for every barrel you have.  I don’t recommend that you swap the hanger bars from barrel to barrel however.  Once installed on a barrel the hanger bar should remain on that barrel.

The costs listed for this service are for the conversion process only on your supplied forend. Hanger bars are sold separately.  See “Hanger Bar” tab in products section.  I can supply the forend for you and do the conversion prior to shipping if you prefer. See the “Factory Forends” section under the “Products” tab for new factory forend pricing.

Pricing  (standard Thompson factory barrel contours only).  Add $10.00 for Bergara and other non standard custom barrel contours.

Factory Walnut & other custom wood Forends:   $65.00 + shipping

Factory Std Synthetic Forends:   $70.00 + shipping

Factory Pro Hunter Forends:   $75.00 + shipping

Turn around time for the work is approximately 2 Weeks.

** You cannot order this service online, you will need to call me at (435) 635-5547 or e-mail me from the web site “contact us” page to make arrangements to have this work done