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Stratton Custom trigger jobs are accomplished by squaring up the top of the sear notch on a surface grinder, hand honing the face of the sear notch to the proper angle and a giving it a smooth even finish where contact is made with the hammer. Honing and smoothing other moving parts and replacing the factory trigger spring with a custom Sc spring to achieve the desired pull weight. I also do a complete cleaning of the receiver and lubricate all internal parts. Lastly, if installed, I adjust the trigger over travel screw.

Some things to consider when choosing a pull weight. Once the trigger job is done it is not adjustable without changing out the sear and trigger spring. A 2 lb trigger pull is great for target shooting and varmint hunting in warm weather.

For safety reasons, a 2 lb trigger may be too light for cold weather big game hunting where your fingers may become cold or you may wear a glove. It isn’t a pleasant experience to have your firearm discharge before you even realize you’ve touched the trigger! I would recommend a minimum of around a 3 lb pull weight in those conditions.

The optimal situation would be that you have more than one frame. You can then dedicate one to target/varmint shooting and another to big game hunting with the appropriate trigger pull weights for each. If you have one frame the pull weight decision is somewhat of a compromise depending on what kind of shooting/hunting you do most of the time.

Shipping Instructions: Send just the “bare” frame, no hinge pin, stock or grip. In addition if you have a hammer spur extension installed on the hammer please remove that prior to shipping as well. I prefer Priority US Mail for shipping.

Mail to the following address: PO Box 327, Hurricane, UT 84737.

Please include a note with the frame indicating the trigger pull weight you would like along with all of your contact information and anything else I should be aware of.

If you prefer to send a personal check for the job with the frame that will be fine. I don’t require payment up front payment isn’t due until I have the job completed and ready to ship. If you prefer to use a CC for payment please include the CC #, expiration date, 3-digit security code from the back side and the billing address for the card on your note. I will keep the card info on file and charge the card for the invoice balance when the frame is ready to ship. $15.00 will cover priority mail insured return shipping so the total cost would be $80.00. HINT: Don’t offer any unrequested information to the post office as to exactly what is in the package. If asked simply state that it is “sporting goods”, “machined parts” or something similar. It isn’t a complete firearm it’s just a piece of one. Also, if you already own the frame there is no need to involve an FFL dealer.  However, if you live in California check your current state laws first.  I am an FFL holder should an FFL dealer be required.

Note – According to the written warranty that comes from Thompson with your frame(s), any alterations done to said frames could void the warranty. A trigger job is considered be an alteration. What the warranty says and what Thompson has actually done in the past are not necessarily the same however. If for some reason you find it necessary to return your frame to Thompson for warranty work, my experience has been that Thompson will perform whatever warranty repairs are needed irregardless of the trigger job. BUT they will remove the altered sear & custom trigger spring and replace them with a new factory sear and spring before sending it back to you.  Thompson says that they WILL RETURN the altered sear and trigger spring with the frame. I have never had a frame in need of warranty work refused due to a trigger job having been done on it.

Turn around time for trigger work is running approximately 2 weeks.

Our price: $75.00 + USPS priority mail return shipping

** Trigger jobs cannot be ordered online, you will need to call me at (435) 635-5547 or e-mail me from the web site “contact us” page to make arrangements to have this work done.


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5 reviews for Trigger Jobs

  1. Kevin Okey

    If you own a Thompson Encore do yourself a favor and have a trigger job done by Stratton Custom. The factory triggers have excessive creep and weight. I have sent two frames in for trigger jobs and both times been completely satisfied. Thanks Steve

  2. Sam Grozdanich

    I had Steve do a trigger job on my Encore frame. Service and work was excellent, the trigger is light and crisp with the pull weight Steve and I discussed. Communication and turn around time was also excellent. I would for sure use his services again.

  3. Chris Hamrin

    I had Steve do trigger jobs and trigger stop screws on an Encore frame and on two Contender frames.
    Work came out just as I had hoped for and was done very quickly.
    All in all, I could have not been happier with the work he did.

  4. Todd Rissberger

    I had Steve do a Steve do a Trigger Job with Overtravel Screw. Outstanding Trigger. Workmanship and Care is Impeccable. You will not be disappointed!

  5. Dan Peraino

    Just got my G2 contender back and the trigger is spectacular. I opted for the over travel stop to be added along with having the trigger set at 3.25 lbs. The feel of the trigger exceeds what I thought was possible with a current S&W product.

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