Encore Custom Hanger Bars

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These bars are for custom Encore pistol and rifle barrels that utilize threaded dovetail inserts rather than the standard factory drilled and tapped holes.  The bars are available for both pistol and rifle custom barrels.

It isn’t feasible to list all of the possible custom barrel contours available. I have listed only a general category for rifle and pistol barrels.  When ordering one of these bars it is critical that I know all of the barrel profile details, ie; muzzle diameter, drilled for a 4-hole or 6-Hole scope base pattern, sporter, varmint or full bull contour, etc..  To avoid any issues it is preferable that you send me the barrel & forend to install the bar and fit the forend.  If you are interested in using one of these bars please contact me via telephone or e-mail.


  • ECP000 – Dove tail style pistol barrel

  • ECR000 – Dove tail style rifle barrels