Handgun Sling


This handgun sling is without a doubt the most functional sling I’ve ever seen! Picture 1 shows the handgun in the normal carry position. Notice how the handgun is held up about waist high and does not bang on your leg. Picture 2 shows the quick release buckle being released in preparation for aiming. Picture 3 shows the sling fully extended in the firing position. When properly adjusted for your arm length you can push the handgun against the sling and your shoulder. Being able to push against the sling gives you a much more solid aiming position than just holding the gun in your hands. You have to try it to believe it! When you are ready to move out, simply snap the QD buckle back together which draws up the slack and brings the gun back to the carry position. The sling is adjustable to fit and function over any type of clothing.
NOTE:  Handgun sling does not include required 1″ sling swivels or sling studs.
Product #HAS001



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