Encore Rimfire Firing Pin Conversions

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Sc Encore rim fire firing pin conversions for straight bore rim fire barrels are reliable, rugged and simple.  No easily broken or bent parts to worry about. When installed, the pin fires the cartridge in the 6 o’clock position.  To install, simply loosen and remove the factory center fire breech plug assembly, insert the Sc rim fire breech plug assembly in its place and retighten the screw.  The entire process takes less than a minute after you’ve done it a couple of times.

Important Note: Thompson Center (Smith & Wesson) as well as some custom barrel makers offer “offset” bore rim fire barrels.  These offset bore barrels do not require my rim fire conversion since the existing centerfire firing pin is used.  Stratton Custom rimfire conversions are for STRAIGHT bore rimfire barrels only which are offered by most custom Encore barrel makers.

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Out of stock

1 review for Encore Rimfire Firing Pin Conversions

  1. Ted S

    Very well made, easy to install, and works perfectly. That pretty much says everything. 🙂

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