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The Hanger bar system offers the following advantages over the standard factory configuration:

Greater Accuracy Potential!  The hanger bar system will not eliminate all causes of poor accuracy but will virtually eliminate those problems caused by a ‘non’ free floated barrel as well as inconsistent forend screw pressure.  The original factory forend hookup has two major issues.

First.  As you fire a few rounds and your barrel begins to warm up and expand, where ever the forend is touching the barrel and/or frame a pressure point(s) will be created against the barrel sufficient enough to possibly cause your groups to ‘string’ or ‘walk’ one way or another.

Second.  Since the forend attaches directly to the barrel the amount of ‘torque’ used to tighten the forend screws can be detrimental to accuracy as well as changing your barrels point of impact.  If you don’t happen to torque the screws down to the same degree every time you reinstall the forend the point of impact and/or group size can be affected due to the differing pressures transferred by the screws to the barrel.

The hanger bar system is designed to reduce both of these potential accuracy issues.  With the hanger bar the only points of contact with the barrel are the points where the hanger bar posts attach to the barrel.  Once the hanger bar is tightened onto the barrel the pressure exerted on the barrel will remain constant so long as the bar is not removed.  After the hanger bar is installed the forend attaches directly to the hanger bar and does not touch the barrel.  It doesn’t matter how much you torque down the forend attaching screws there won’t be any measurable increase or decrease in pressure on the barrel.  During the forend conversion for the hanger bar I make certain that the barrel is not touching the forend barrel channel and that the ears of the forend are not contacting the frame.  The hanger bar system will give you all of the basic advantages of free floated barrel.

Much stronger forend attachment!  This if particularly advantageous for higher recoil chamberings and/or bipod use virtually eliminating ‘wallowed’ out and egg shaped screw holes in the forend.  Also greatly reduces the chances of stripping out the holes in the barrel itself or shearing the screws off.  The hanger bar attaches to the barrel using the same factory 8-40 screw size but when tightened down the surface area of the steel posts against the barrel, plus the angle at which the rear post mates up to the barrel provides increased resistance to the ‘shear’ forces of recoil.  The forend itself attaches to the hanger bar using larger 10-32 button head cap screws using a 1/8″ hex key.  This setup makes for a very strong and durable forend mounting system.

Notes:  The hanger bar system is not compatible with muzzle loader, shotgun barrels or with Pachmayr forends.
Stock factory or custom forends are not compatible with the hanger bar system without the proper modifications being made first.  See the “Forend Conversion” tab under the “Services” section, or simply click this link